Traducteur VETUGOV Alexey à Saint Petersburg (198332)

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A propos de moi
I started my work as a professional translator in 2008.
My basic specializations are Economic, Technical, and Legal translations. I have a university degree in economics and engineering as well as more than 2 years of working as a marketing specialist in Russia (in Construction, Audit&Consulting, and Food Supply Areas).
I also got Navy education with military rank of lieutenant. I translate in the Defense domain.

For many years, I practice private investments via MOEX (Russian Stock Exchange) being permanently plunged into the world of finances, investments, corporate and accounting reports, and markets analytics. Finances are one of my main translation specializations.

My capacity is about 2500 words per day. SDL Trados Studio 2017 is well used.
Payments accepted via bank transfer, PayPal, and Skrill.
References are upon request.
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